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At ProSmiles Dental Studio, your comfort is our top priority. A hot, friendly, professional team is dedicated to your well-being to offer you high-quality care and meet your every need. Our soothing, relaxing environment will put anyone comfortable and make you feel complete peace and tranquillity.
If you are anxious or nervous, don’t feel shy to provide us a call. We’re here to serve and even offer you a tour of our studio practice before your first visit.
Your happiness is the main thing to us and our goal is to have you entering and leaving our practice with a smile in your face.

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At ProSmiles we realize your dental issues can in reality be symptoms of an underlying health issue. Or in some instances poor oral hygiene or an incorrect bite might be causing you various health issues.


The text and relationship between dentistry and your wellbeing should not be underestimated. For this reason the team at ProSmiles advocates holistic dentistry and the idea of complete diagnosis. Sometimes we will count on other health professionals like ENT specialists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractor to assist in getting you back on course to accomplish wellness.

If you are suffering from poor oral health or missing teeth there is a solid chance that you will see some overflow factor on the body and overall wellbeing.


Did you know that sleep apnoea and other sleep issues can be related to an unhealthy bite or TMJ and grinding issues? Did you know that lack of sleep could lead to depression, cardio vascular disease and diabetes?

It established fact that gum disease can lead to various health problems, while something as simple as chronic bad breath could lead to poor social outcomes. Nevertheless the outcomes of sleep apnoea and TMJ are serious and in the event that you suspect you or your partner have a problem, it’s time to act.


So if it be for a growing child or adult the main benefit of the holistic approach is that we aim to target the underlying causes to the problems you might be facing. In the long run you is going to be better off and have a healthier life.

Call our friendly staff to start your wellbeing journey today with a holistic method of dentistry.


Our principal dentist has formal post graduate education in implants and achieved distinction in his Grad Dip Clin Dent in Oral Implants from the Sydney University. He now also teaches to other dentists at the DIA Implantology Academy in Melbourne. His commitment to ongoing continued education has sent him for some of the greatest dental practitioners around America, Europe and Australia for professional growth and development.

His achievements include presenting a poster case presentation in the United States which is why he won the most effective prize in international category. In addition to contributing articles on Laser-Lok Implants to the highly esteemed “Australasian Dentist Journal” in 2012.


The principal dentist at ProSmiles Dental Studio has led his team to execute for their fullest and deliver good quality service for their established cliental. He’s interests in rehabilitating worn dentitions, functional aesthetics and All-On-4 concept teeth replacement. He strongly believes in multi-disciplinary care and works along with his trusted specialists where needed to get the most effective outcome.

Most importantly he’s a caring dentist who feels very grateful for all your smiles he gets back. From the practice he enjoys outdoors, cooking and spending time along with his family and his son.

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